Do You Know How to Recycle Your Disposable Vape Products?

Do You Know How to Recycle Your Disposable Vape Products?

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or are deciding to try it for the first time, disposable vapes are a very popular option for their simplicity and ease of use. Have you ever wondered what’s inside a disposable vape? Or what the heck ‘disposable’ even means anyway? 

There is so much to discover when it comes to the broad selection of flavoured e-liquids, open-systems, starter kits, tanks, mods, disposables, pre-filled pod systems and accessories that it’s far too much to cover in one go. So today, we’ll cover disposable vape products as one of Ontario’s longest-standing vape shops.

What are Disposable Vape Products?

Before we go over how to recycle disposable vape products, here’s a little on what they are and how they function differently from other types of vapes such as pre-filled pod systems and open systems.  

Disposable vapes are sealed ready-to-use vaping devices containing a lithium-ion battery, puff switch, heating element, and tank all in one. They are pre-filled with e-liquid and require little to no setup or maintenance. Some offer a charging port so they can offer more puffs with more vape juice without needing a large and heavy battery. Once the battery is empty or the e-liquid is depleted, the device is finished and ready to be disposed. 

Disposable vapes are very convenient and require little to no maintenance, but because the entire device is disposed of after the unit is empty, they have a significant environmental impact and generate a lot of waste. If you are someone who vapes regularly, you may want to consider upgrading to a rechargeable and refillable vape that will be more affordable and much more environmentally friendly. 

How To Dispose And Recycle Correctly

Just because disposable vape products are easy to use doesn’t mean they are easy to dispose of. It’s important to take responsibility and understand your options when throwing away your disposable vape products.

All vape devices from simple disposables to the most complex open systems fundamentally work the same way – a battery powers a heating element that vaporizes e-liquid. Disposable vapes contain a lithium-ion battery just like your phone or laptop. Quite safe when they’re inside our devices, but they must be handled carefully and recycled properly. When a disposable vape is thrown away in household trash, the lithium-ion batteries frequently cause dangerous fires in the landfill when the devices become crushed or damaged and the chemicals inside escape.  

Here at Clear Sky Vapes, a vape shop in Ontario, we take the recycling of disposable vape products seriously. We offer to take back all used disposable vape products from our clients to ensure the correct disposal and recycling of the waste on your behalf.

Therefore, if you are going to dispose of it yourself, it’s important to note that you should keep your used disposable vape products in a separate sealed container and take them to a hazardous waste facility or electronics recycling location near you. 

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