Shopping Online For All Your Vaping Needs

Shopping Online For All Your Vaping Needs

There is nothing more frustrating than grabbing your vape as you head out the door only to realize it's in need of a charge, malfunctioned, or even dirty. This can be a major issue, especially if you are planning on being away for a few days or do not have the time to visit your local vape store in town. With the convenience of shopping online for disposable vapes and more, you can rest assured knowing you won’t have to wait it out.

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should consider purchasing your next online order from Clear Sky Vapes.

Same-Day Delivery 

Can you say "instant gratification?” We offer convenient same-day delivery online! This is extremely helpful to those who are always on the go, with no time to restock or refill as they want. If you’re on a tight schedule, you can rest easy knowing that you have a delivery on the way without much effort.

Bigger Variety 

How often have you visited a vape store only to find that your favourites are out of stock yet again? It can be more than just inconvenient; it can impact your time and money. But when shopping online, you can quickly assess what is available and ready to purchase. More than that, you have access to a wider selection of goods than you would have in person. This gives you more choices, especially if you are interested in trying out new flavours or devices.

Convenience of Online Shopping 

Online shopping offers consumers more than just convenience across sectors. It gives us peace of mind, frees up our time, and makes life a little easier, which is helpful when our calendars are too busy. 

Clear Sky Vapes is your go-to vaping supplier. We stock it all, from disposable vapes to large ranges of every flavour imaginable! 

Visit us online today for high-quality products, exceptional service, and same-day delivery for Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Cost Savings of Disposables 

  • Based on 4ml consumption per day:
    • Disposables have a daily cost of $15.25, a monthly cost of $426.98, and a yearly cost of $5566.01.
    • Closed pod systems (STLTH, Vuse, Juul, etc) have a daily cost of $13.97, a monthly cost of $391.16, and a yearly cost of $5099.10.
    • Refillable systems have a daily cost of $3.16, a monthly cost of $88.59, and a yearly cost of $1154.86.
  • These numbers are based on average sell prices of Canadian vape stores, accumulated by Dvine Labs.
  • Refillable systems include the cost of replacement coils/pods and the math is based around a 60ml bottle.
  • The new excise tax is set up to charge smaller-capacity products a larger proportion of total cost compared to larger capacity products.
    • $1 per 2mL up to 10mL, and $1 per 10mL after that.
    • A pack of STLTH pods (3x2mL) has $3 of tax, for a total of $18.
    • An average rechargeable disposable (10mL) has $5 of tax, for a total of ~$30.
    • A 30mL bottle of liquid has $7 of tax, for a total of ~$27.
    • A 60mL bottle of liquid has $10 of tax, for a total of $35-40
  • The Uwell Caliburn G2 ($35), a pack of 2 pods ($13) and a 30mL bottle of liquid ($27) comes to just under $85 after HST, less than the cost of an equivalent amount of liquid in a disposable (30mL of liquid in the form of Drip’n disposables would be just under $95 after tax). A big chunk of the cost of getting set up with a refillable device is a one-time purchase, once you have the device the only ongoing cost is pods and liquid.
  • Certain devices have a lower ongoing maintenance cost than others. Devices with replaceable coils as opposed to pods tend to be less costly. Regardless of the device, a pod/coil will generally last around a week for the average person.
    • Uwell Havok Pods - $8/pod
    • Uwell Caliburn G2 pods – $6.50/pod
    • Vaporesso Xros pods – $5/pod
    • Aspire Minican pods - $3.50/pod
    • Smok Pozz Pro coils - $3.20/coil
    • Aspire Flexus Q coils - $3.20/coil