What To Do With Your Flavour Beast Disposable Vape Once You’re Done With It

What To Do With Your Flavour Beast Disposable Vape Once You’re Done With It

Over the past few years, disposable vapes have become incredibly popular. One of the most successful disposable vape brands is ‘Flavour Beast,’ known for its fun and fruity flavours, with flavours such as Packin’ Peach Berry and Watermelon G performing as their bestsellers.

While the concept of disposable vapes is well known, in that after a certain amount of ‘puffs’ your disposable vape will run dry and you’ll need to buy a new one, many vape users do not fully understand how to dispose of their vape correctly once they are done with it.

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Disposable Vape Away In Your Regular Trash

Many users need to understand that there is a lithium-ion battery inside each disposable vape that cannot be disposed of in regular household garbage. The same is true for all types of batteries, as batteries contain toxic chemicals that can leak into landfills and cause damage to the environment, animals, and nearby communities.

While it may seem like the easier option to simply throw your used disposable vape in the trash, we urge you to do the responsible thing and recycle this lithium battery as you should with any other type of battery.

It is not just ‘Flavour Beast’ disposable vapes that contain lithium-ion batteries, but practically all disposable vapes.

Our Recycling Policy

At Clear Sky Vapes, we care about the environment and our clients. Therefore, we have introduced a recycling policy that genuinely sets us apart from our competitors. Our company is more than happy to take back all disposable vapes we sell after they are empty to recycle them properly and keep them out of landfills.

Are you looking to purchase ‘Flavour Beast’ disposable vapes in Canada? Here at Clear Sky Vapes, we stock ‘Flavour Beast’ as well as a wide range of other disposable vapes, including ALLO ULTRA, VICE, Envy Boost, and many more. 

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