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The year is 2014. A small group of friends gathers for another regular meet up. These friends came from various walks of life, with different jobs and hobbies and goals, but they all shared one: each of them was now an ex-smoker who had struggled with tobacco addiction for years or decades until e-cigarette products finally set them free. They are bonded by this mutual struggle, offering support and encouragement to each other and to anyone else who needed it. 

The idea for Clear Sky Vapes started out with a simple question: "Why aren't there any vape shops offering the knowledge, support, and community needed to make this amazing technology accessible to any smoker who wants to try?" They wanted a shop that felt comfortable and welcoming, service that was accomodating and knowledgeable, and support centered on listening and understanding. The group quickly realized the answer was for one of them to open the kind of shop they all dreamed about. It was Ron Couchman who decided that day to risk everything and turn this dream into reality. He quit his job, uprooted his life, and took out a loan. With a little luck, a lot of hard work, and plenty of help from friends and family, Clear Sky Vapes first opened its doors to the public on December 24th, 2014. 

Today, Clear Sky Vapes remains committed to the same values it was founded on. While the products and market may shift like the clouds, our goal of focusing on the smoker first above all else is what continues to drive us forward. Clear Sky is not the products it sells, but rather the passionate people working hard every day to deliver an unmatched customer service experience. 

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