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The story of Clear Sky Vapes

A little more information about us

Founded on the idea that everyone should have access to the same knowledge, experience, and support for vapour products that at the time only really existed within local and online groups and communities. The average user did not have the time nor inclination to spend hours reading and learning about vast arrays of vapour products available, and as such mostly relied on local retailers to provide that information. At the time, most existing retailers were owned and run by businesspeople - people who were primarily concerned with ensuring maximum profits in their ventures. Due to a lack of competition to force change, market conditions rewarded retailers that maximized profits through higher prices, limited selection, counterfeit products, and poor customer service/return policies. 

From the beginning, Ron Couchman had an entirely different vision for what a vapour product retailer should be, and Clear Sky Vapes was that vision put into action. A radically different approach that had a basis in harm-reduction strategies rather than standard retail business practices. Word spread quickly as curious customers quickly discovered not just another vape shop, but one that remembered their names, one that took the time to ask questions and deliver helpful knowledgeable advice. The driving goal was to help smokers quit smoking, and doing that with honesty, empathy, and compassion. Business grew exponentially just through word-of-mouth as customers couldn't help but rave about how great their experiences were.

The customer-first philosophy continues to be a primary guide for Clear Sky Vapes. We spend nearly 6 weeks training new staff to ensure they have the knowledge and experience needed to deliver the same honest and helpful advice that built our reputation. Our staff and our customers are all part of the same family striving towards the same goal of helping smokers find a less-harmful alternative to cigarettes.The idea of helping people find the products that fit their needs best, rather than upselling or directing to higher-margin products that may not meet those needs as well, also remains a core tenet of the company.