How To Clean Your Vape Pods 101

How To Clean Your Vape Pods 101

New to vaping or seasoned, learning how to clean and care for your vape pod properly can be beneficial in the long run. Replaceable coil pods are a more affordable and sustainable option. They require regular cleaning to get the longest life and best value. Especially considering pods are usually one of the pricier components, and negligence to maintain them can lead to burnouts far more quickly.

At first, you may find it seems easier just to order new pods online or visit a local vaping store in your area. But over time, you’ll notice how quickly these costs pile up, which may result in you looking for ways to reduce this.

Cleaning your pods is not only more cost-effective in the long run but can cut back on your waste. Here is a basic guide to help you get started.

Use Soap And Water

Find a large enough dish that you can use with warm water[RC1] . Vape pods are usually made from plastic materials, and boiling water can lead to it melting, compromising how it works and overall ruining its usability. Fill your dish and add a few drops of dish soap to help with cleaning.

Disassemble The Pod

Only the pod housing gets washed. The coil should never be exposed to water. Your pod may have a lock or other child-resistant safety feature that must be opened before the coil can be removed. After removing the coil, carefully place it aside on a paper towel or napkin.

Do not put the coil in water.

You can then rinse out your pod under the tap and place it in your dish of hot water to soak. While doing so, it is important to put some pressure on your vape pod to keep it submerged as it can float due to its low-density makeup. If you allow it to float, it can lead to trickier cleaning as the water won’t reach all the internal crevices.

Move The Pod Around

The pod needs to be moved around in the water to help break down leftover residue with the help of soap and heat. Most vapers follow the method of letting their pods soak for a few minutes, then agitating the water and allowing it to soak again. If you notice residue particles floating around, you know that the hot water is doing its job.

Rinse And Dry

Once the soapy water bath has cleaned any dirt and residue from the pod, remove the pod from the bath and thoroughly rinse the pod under the tap. Make sure every part is rinsed including the inside and outside of the pod. Hold the pod tightly and shake out any water left inside. Then, take a clean drying cloth or paper towel to finish drying. If water droplets remain inside the pod, twist a small piece of paper towel and carefully insert it into the pod to absorb the remaining water. Allow the pod to air dry if moisture remains.


Now that your pod is clean, it is time to reverse the steps we started with to reassemble the pod. Carefully take the coil and insert it into the pod. Refer to the instruction manual included with your pod kit for instructions on how to insert the coil correctly. After your coil is installed, open the fill port, and fill your pod with your favourite e-liquid.

Now you are ready to vape!

With this helpful guide, you can easily clean and care for your vape pods going forward. Clear Sky Vapes specializes in supplying the vaping community with recyclable solutions to help you reduce your waste and spending. 

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