FLUID Pouches - Fully Customizable Pouches
FLUID Pouches - Fully Customizable Pouches

FLUID Pouches - Fully Customizable Pouches


Limitless Customization

With FLUID Pouches™, you're the master of your experience. Customize your pouches with your favourite flavourings, tinctures, extracts, CBD oil, etc. In fact, you can use any oil, propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerine based ingredients. The choice is yours, and so is the dosage, allowing you to align your intake with your specific needs.

Effortless Efficiency

Our pouches are engineered for optimal performance. Simply add your preferred liquid onto both sides of the pouch – it's designed to absorb efficiently, ensuring that every drop counts.

Extended Pleasure

Place the pouch between your cheek and gums and savour the gradual release of your preferred substance over an extended period. The release duration can be tailored to your preferences, offering a steady and enjoyable experience.

Two Convenient Sizes

We understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to oral pouches. That's why we offer FLUID Pouches™ in two sizes:

Regular 1g Size: Perfect for those who prefer a standard-size pouch for a satisfying experience.

Slim 0.3g Size: Ideal for users who prefer a smaller, discreet pouch that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

For those looking for a stronger nicotine effect, we recommend using our regular 1 gram pouches with up to 17 drops of 20mg salt nicotine eJuice applied to each side of the pouch. You can add more or less, but we have found that this volume of eJuice will almost but not fully saturate the pouch. This volume of 20mg/mL eJuice (approximately 0.7mL) is equivalent to a 14mg nicotine pouch.

For those looking for a less intense nicotine experience or a more comfortable mouthfeel, we recommend our slim 0.3 gram pouches with up to 5 drops of either regular (i.e. freebase) nicotine or salt nicotine eJuice applied to each side of the pouch as desired.

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